Loneliness that hurts in every possible way

Sometimes life creates such situations that you never expect to face. There are few things of life which bring worst of you and loneliness is one of those things. When you’re truly lonely, you just don’t have any place to hide from thoughts and feelings which constantly try to make you do things you don’t want to do. Loneliness is like some kind of disease that kills you slowly and painful without even your notice. It first attacks your heart, then your mind and slowly you start to find hard even to breathe and then eventually you lose your hope of living. Because of loneliness sometimes you feel terribly down even when you’re with a bunch of people; like you are lost somewhere and you’re stuck with so many unwanted feelings although you actually want to run away from all these things and want to have a normal life without being feeling like you are missing something and someone everytime which you find hard to put together by words. If you experience this worst feeling of being lonely for a long time letting yourself to open up becomes more hard for you and you become addicted to this loneliness which ultimately makes you a body without a soul.